Rufus Wainwright delivers while riding Joey from War Horse.

  2. two words: ALLIGATOR and HAMMERS

  3. Two words: PART TWO (of TWEENA and TALL)

    The thing is I can’t actually remember what happened to Lawrence when he went for his Tui Na other than that it was a horrible, painful and embarrassing experience. I might be confusing the crowd of students with some kind of hospital experience that I had… I really hope the toilet rolls were a thing, no one else who was there for the story remembers them… Anyway… It’s over!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day.

  5. The final episode of Nigel Williams’ bbc radio sitcom HR is available on the iplayer. THERE WILL BE NO MORE. Do Sam and Peter live happily ever after with their respective sex partners or will they drive off the cliff holding hands, with Harvey Keitel following in slow-motion? Find out now! LISTEN

    (Harvey Keitel is not in this)

  6. Two words: TALL and TWEENA

    This is a true story, my tall friend Lawrence while a student in York worked on stilts handing out flyers for The Ghost Walk, because he was so tall he developed back problems. FUNNY!

  7. Two words: BACON and HOOVER

  8. Two words: DIAMOND and CUCKOO-CLOCK

  9. Two words: SUNFLOWERS and COFFEE

  10. I feel bad, Friday was the first time I’ve not done a two-word comic since September, the week before’s was rubbish and quick. But I’ve been super busy on lots of different jobs.Here’s a painting of a boat for York children’s tourism website Little Vikings. I think they’re going to use it in a booklet rather than on the site.

    I like this one because my parents are in the boat.